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A family video encapsulates your family's story

What is a newborn or family video session?

If you want to stop time and capture authentic instants of this moment of your life. If you love the idea of being able to play them back like a movie, a family video session is for you. Ideal for families who want to remember all the nuances of everyday life to celebrate the importance of the here and now.

I will spend up to 4 hours with your family and record how you do your usual things. I guarantee there is a beautiful story to film and photograph in that whole routine.

What does it include?

  • Session planning call.
  • 3-4 hour session at home or outdoors.
  • 3-4 minute video with licensed music.
  • High resolution images.

Newborn Video

You carry a new life in your arms, you think you will never forget these moments. In an instant, however, they will be blurred. You will find it hard to remember the baby’s first unconscious smile as he falls asleep, the sound of his quiet breathing and your tired but happy glances.

Let these moments live forever in your family video.

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Video pregnancy

Pregnancy reflects the magic and beauty of your body. The sensations you get from your baby’s little kicks, the communication through touch, your words he hears. Or maybe you already have children and they are also waiting with you for the baby to arrive and are preparing to become a big brother or sister.

Why not save the long-awaited wait?Are they not as important as the wedding?

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Family video

Life is a series of significant events and everyday moments. And it is surprising how often the important things fade away and go unnoticed in our routine. We always expect something different, something new and we don’t keep our now. But any moment that makes you feel happy, whether it’s important or everyday, save it in a family video. There will come a day when you will regret it if you don’t.

They are not only your memories, they are also your children’s memories.

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If you have never tried a video and photo shoot at home you will be surprised how much fun it is!

Newborn Video

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