Smash cake photo session

Joy and cake for the first year

What are smash cake sessions and when to do them?

Do you know the smash cake photos? They are a cute and fun way to celebrate your baby’s first year of life. Imagine your baby exploring and enjoying their first cake, all captured in beautiful photos and video! These sessions are perfect for celebrating the first birthday. Not only will you have lovely photos, but you will also get to see your children enjoy a new sensory experience. The joy and surprise on their little faces as they touch and taste the cake for the first time are priceless moments!

How to prepare your little one

Pre-session tips

Preparing your baby for a smash cake session is exciting for both of you. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Comfortable clothing: Choose an outfit that is comfortable for your baby and does not restrict his or her movements. Remember, it’s going to get dirty, so something easy to wash is ideal!
  • Happy hour: Choose a time when your baby is most active and content, usually after a nap or a meal.

What to bring to the smash cake session

To make sure your little one enjoys it to the fullest, here is a list of what to bring:

  • Change of clothes: Bring a change of clothes for after the session, as your baby will get quite dirty.
  • Wipes and a small towel: Essential for cleaning those little hands and faces full of cake.
  • Favorite toys: If your baby has a favorite toy, bring it. It can help you feel more comfortable and happy during the session.

Wonderstory style in smash cake sessions

For all

We want everyone to participate in this celebration. Not only do we capture the moment when your baby plays with the cake, but also the looks of love and happiness from everyone.


In addition to the photographs, we offer the option of recording a video.

Nothing like seeing and hearing your baby’s laughter and emotions in motion.

Caramel Studio

Lots of light and elegant design. Ideal for your memories.

Warm and welcoming environment for the little ones.

Minimalist and elegant decorations

Less is more.

The important thing is your emotions and laughter, not the decorations.

Price and what is included in your session

All high quality photos to download and print

You will have a gallery with 120+ images taken during the session for you to view and choose your favorites.

2 changes of clothes included

Festive decorations and themed accessories add a touch of celebration.

Includes a sugar- and lactose-free baby cake

sugar and lactosan free

even pets are welcome!

Immortalize your little one’s first birthday with a session full of joy, fun and style!

Remember that these prices are a base and we can adapt each session to your specific needs.

We follow three simple steps

1. We talked before.

I want to know your dreams and what you are looking for before recording.

Thus, in the session, everything will flow naturally.

2. The personalized budget

At Caramel, your day is relaxed and fun.

Your child is the protagonist and we adapt to his or her pace and curiosity.

3. The final magic

After the session, I select and edit the best photos.

Soon, in your digital gallery, you will be able to choose the images you like the most.

Hi, I'm Tami, baby photographer.

Tami - Fotografa De Embarazo Wonderstory Barcelona

I’m the creator of Wonderstory and since 2019, I’ve been dedicated to capturing the ephemeral moments in your family’s life.

In each photo shoot, my goal is to capture unique moments: a spontaneous laugh, a look full of curiosity, the softness of a tender embrace.

My goal is more than producing images; my ambition is to provide a beautiful memory that tells your family’s story in an authentic and emotional way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. We make sure the cakes are baby-friendly, sugar-free and lactose-free to avoid health problems.

Babies can try new foods around their first birthday, so smash cake is ideal for their first birthday.

The best cakes for a smash cake are those that are soft and easy to crumble.

We opt for sugar-free and lactose-free cakes, with your baby’s health and safety in mind.

Ideas and practical tips

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