Photo gallery of babies at home

At-home newborn baby photo shoots offer something no studio can replicate: the privacy and comfort of your own home. We understand the value of that special corner where you read stories to your baby, of the crib where he sleeps peacefully, or of the blanket knitted by grandma that tucks him in. As a home photographer, I feel privileged to be invited into such intimate spaces.

Baby pictures at home reflect the daily life, love and affection that is lived day by day. In addition, the advantages are multiple: there is no travel, the family feels more relaxed and each photograph becomes a piece of family history that transcends beyond the image, encapsulating memories, emotions and, above all, love.

Lifestyle at Home Video: Capturing the Essence of Your Home

In the digital age, home photography has revolutionized the way we immortalize memories, but have you ever thought about the power of a video? Your baby’s first steps, his contagious laughter, the sound of your lullabies? All of this cannot be stored in a single photo. That’s why, as pioneers in lifestyle video in Barcelona, we offer in-home baby photography sessions accompanied by videos full of life and authenticity.

The video creates not only an image, but an atmosphere. It allows you to relive moments, listen to the voices you love the most and feel like you are back in that precise moment. Imagine being able to go back to those moments whenever you want, feel the emotions and get lost in the nostalgia of the now, captured forever.

Pregnancy photos at home

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From newborn baby photo shoots at home to lifestyle videography in your own home, we offer a variety of packages designed especially for you. Looking for a home photographer to capture the magic of those first moments with your little one? Or perhaps a newborn photo session at home that preserves the cozy and familiar atmosphere of your home?

We invite you to explore our packages and prices. You will find the perfect option to suit your needs and desires.