Pregnancy photos gallery

Here you will find a variety of photographic styles and techniques, from the sweetness of natural light to the elegance of studio sessions. I want each photo to inspire and motivate you to capture your pregnancy in an authentic and special way.

So, as you go through this gallery, imagine your own session. Think about what it represents to you and how you would like to remember these moments. Here at Wonderstory, we want your pregnancy photos to be more than just pictures; we want them to be memories full of love and joy that you will treasure forever.

Studio Sessions: Classical and Modern

Now I invite you to discover our studio photos section. Here at Wonderstory, we combine the classic with the modern to create unique and personal pregnancy portraits.

There are beautiful portraits with elegant backgrounds to capture your pregnancy, as well as more casual photos that capture everyday moments full of tenderness and naturalness.

In the studio, we take care of everything: the light, the background, the atmosphere. So we make beautiful photos that show the beauty of pregnancy and the joy of your daily life.

Imagine yourself in these scenes, living and capturing memories that will speak to who you are and this special moment.

Outdoor sessions: Barcelona's natural beauty

In Barcelona, nature gives us the perfect setting for your outdoor photos. Imagine your photo shoot with the bright Mediterranean sun, the blue sea and the soft sand of the beach, even in winter. Beach sessions are my favorite because they capture the freedom and beauty of the sea, creating a relaxed and light-filled atmosphere.

But not only the sea, we also have green fields and quiet forests, ideal places for those seeking a more natural and serene environment. I like to take pregnant women to special places in Barcelona, where nature and your story combine to make beautiful and colorful photos.

Outdoor sessions are special because each one is different. The sun, the sky, the environment… everything changes and each session is unique. And most importantly, you are the protagonist in this beautiful natural setting. Together, we will create memories that reflect not only your pregnancy, but also the charm of this city we love.

Inspiration for your session: tips and ideas

If you are thinking about an original pregnancy photo session, here are some tips to make it unique.

First, consider the type of session you would like. Do you prefer a controlled environment like the studio, or are you more attracted to an outdoor pregnancy session? Both are attractive: the studio is intimate and elegant, and the exterior allows you to connect with nature and take advantage of Barcelona’s natural light.

As for clothing, choose something that reflects your style and makes you feel comfortable. For a pregnant woman, feeling good is the most important thing. You can opt for soft colors and flowing fabrics for a natural look, or something bolder if that’s what represents you.

And remember, every pregnancy story is an opportunity to tell your unique story. Bring personal items or choose places that are special to you. This will make your photos not only beautiful, but also full of meaning.

Have my pregnancy photos made you emotional?

If you are expecting a new member of the family and want to immortalize these unique moments, learn more about photo sessions for pregnant women.