42 gift ideas for pregnant women: love, style and surprises

“As an expert pregnancy and newborn photographer, I have experienced first-hand the needs and desires of expectant mothers.
That’s why I’ve been inspired to create a list of gifts designed especially for moms-to-be.
From elegant ideas to practical solutions, each of these proposals is designed to bring joy and comfort to such a magical moment.”

Tami from Wonderstory

1. Gift certificate for maternity photo shoot

Give the gift of a magical moment with a certificate for a maternity photo session. Capture the beauty of waiting with a customized studio or outdoor experience. It is the perfect gift to immortalize the sweet anticipation of the arrival of a new member of the family.

from 320 €.

Emotional video session for pregnant women

An emotional video session is the ideal gift to capture the unique feelings and expectations of pregnancy. Moms-to-be can save their most beautiful moments and share them with their loved ones. This allows them to create an everlasting memory. Moreover, they do it with a happy smile and a heart full of hope.

from 320 €.

3. Self-portrait session for pregnant women

The self-portrait session allows moms-to-be to be the artists of their own story, capturing the expectation in a personal and intimate way. With a remote control, they can have their photos taken in a professional studio, creating memories that reflect their beauty and emotions during pregnancy.

from 65 €

4. Pregnancy memory book

A memory book is a window to the past, a place where mothers-to-be can treasure every step of their pregnancy. This diary is for keeping photos and personal notes. It will be a keepsake of the most important and exciting moments of the journey of being a mother.

15 – 40 €

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry is an elegant and subtle way to carry with you a permanent reminder of a moment as special as pregnancy. These pieces become a sentimental treasure for the mother. Names or special dates can be engraved. This occurs before and after the baby arrives. They symbolize the unique bond they are forming.

30 – 100 €

6. Gourmet dinner at home

Enjoying a gourmet dinner in the comfort of home is a wonderful way to celebrate pregnancy. Rich and healthy dishes for pregnant women that are delicious and nutritious. Every bite is a taste and wellness experience for the mother-to-be. The elegance of a well-laid table and the intimacy of home combine to create unforgettable moments.

50 – 150 €

7. High quality printed photos

High quality printed photos are more than decoration; they are fragments of stories and memories that adorn a home. Elegant frames show precious moments of family life. In addition, they give a personal and warm touch to any place. They also remind us of the moments shared and the love that binds a family together. These images are a visible treasure that relives the joy of the moments captured.

5 – 50 € per print

8. Subscription box for moms

The subscription box for moms is a gift full of love and consideration. Every month, the mother-to-be discovers new products carefully selected to take care of her well-being during pregnancy and beyond. From skin care items to comfortable maternity wear, each item has been chosen to offer comfort and a little dose of pampering at this important time in your life.

20 – 60 € per month

9. Breastfeeding counseling session

A breastfeeding counseling session helps expectant mothers feel confident and reassured during this intimate stage of motherhood. In a quiet setting, specialized consultants provide expertise and guidance to ensure successful and satisfying breastfeeding.

30 – 100 € per session

10. 3D/4D baby pictures

A 3D/4D ultrasound is a window to the world we have not yet known. For expectant parents, it is an exciting and special moment to see the image of their baby for the first time. It is a memory full of love that they will keep forever.

11. Baby room decoration workshop

Participating in a baby room decorating workshop is a lovely and practical way to prepare for the arrival of the new member of the family. In this space, parents can get inspiration and ideas for creating a warm and welcoming environment, full of love and style.

From choosing a cozy crib to selecting a soft color palette and charming decorations, every detail contributes to forming the perfect nest for baby.

50 – 150 €

12. Pregnancy Yoga Kit

Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way to maintain physical and mental well-being. A yoga kit for pregnant women, with mat, blocks and stretching belt, is an ideal gift to relax and connect with baby.

In a tranquil environment, each yoga session brings peace and self-care, benefiting the health and happiness of mother and baby.

30 – 70 €

13. Hairdressing and Styling Session

A hair and styling session is a wonderful way to pamper mothers-to-be. In the elegant and relaxing environment of a beauty salon, they can enjoy a makeover with pregnancy-safe cuts and colors.

This gift is an opportunity for them to feel renewed and radiant, a moment of self-care that enhances their natural beauty during this special time in their lives.

30 – 100 €

14. Healthy Cooking Workshop

A healthy cooking workshop is an excellent way for pregnant women to learn how to prepare nutritious meals adapted to their needs. In an environment full of learning and fun, moms-to-be can discover delicious and healthy recipes, acquiring culinary skills that will benefit both them and their babies.

The kitchen becomes a space of creativity and well-being, ideal for promoting a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

30 – 80 €

15. Online Photography Course

An online photography course is a unique opportunity for expectant mothers to capture the special moments of pregnancy and motherhood. Learning from the comfort of their own home, they can explore the art of photography, using their newly acquired skills to document their unique journey. With a camera in hand and an array of educational resources at their fingertips, each photo taken becomes a personal celebration of the life within.

50 – 200 €

16. Newborn photography session

A newborn photography session captures the magic and tenderness of a baby’s first days of life. In a serene and loving atmosphere, these photographs portray the innocence and unique beauty of newborns.

Wrapped in softness and tranquility, each image is a precious testimony to the beginnings of a new life, a timeless memory that families will treasure forever.

100 – 300 €

17. Ergonomic maternity pillow

An ergonomic maternity pillow is essential to provide comfort and support during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Designed to adapt to the changing needs of a pregnant woman’s body, it offers relief and relaxation, ensuring a restful sleep.

Its shape and softness are designed to cuddle and support, providing a haven of comfort in every moment of rest and care of the baby.

30 – 80 €

18. Childbirth Preparation Course

A childbirth preparation course is an essential tool for expectant parents, providing them with knowledge and skills about childbirth, baby care and relaxation techniques. This course is held in a pleasant place and with other excited parents. Its goal is to help couples feel safe and supported. It also prepares them for the wonderful experience of welcoming a new member into the family. The illustration conveys the importance of education and support at this momentous time.

50 – 150 €

19. Aromatherapy Basket for Relaxation

An aromatherapy basket is an ideal gift to provide an oasis of tranquility and well-being to expectant mothers. Filled with carefully selected products, such as essential oils, scented candles and a diffuser, this basket creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in the home. It is perfect for moments of rest and reflection, helping the pregnant woman to disconnect and take care of her emotional and physical health during this special time.

30 – 80 €

20. Personalized Mug Set for Expectant Parents

A set of personalized mugs is a lovely and practical gift for parents-to-be. Each mug, with funny or tender messages, is an invitation to enjoy together moments of tranquility and connection. These mugs, ideal for sharing their favorite beverage, become a symbol of the exciting journey they are about to begin. They are a daily reminder of the love and anticipation surrounding the wait for your new baby.

10 – 30 € per set

21. Cooking Workshop for New Parents

A cooking workshop for new parents is an enriching and practical experience, ideal to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Here, couples learn how to cook quick, nutritious and simple meals, perfect for adapting to the busy lifestyle of caring for a newborn. The workshop offers an environment of learning and fellowship, sharing tips and recipes that will ease the transition to parenthood, ensuring that the whole family enjoys healthy and delicious meals.

30 – 80 €

22. Baby Footprints Kit

The baby footprint kit is a lovely gift to capture life’s sweetest and smallest details. With non-toxic paint and a special frame, parents can create and preserve their newborn’s handprints and footprints. This adorable keepsake not only celebrates the baby’s first days of life, but also symbolizes the beginning of a journey full of love and discovery, a tangible reminder of a fleeting, yet deeply meaningful moment.

15 – 40 €

23. Child Sleep Counseling Session

An infant sleep counseling session is an invaluable resource for new parents. Through a virtual consultation with an expert, they can learn strategies and gain essential knowledge to help their baby sleep well. This support provides peace of mind and confidence, giving parents the tools they need to ensure a restful night’s sleep for both baby and themselves. In a serene environment, each tip and suggestion contributes to establishing healthy and effective sleep routines.

40 – 100 € per session

24. Voucher for a Children's Book Store

A voucher to a children’s book store is the perfect gift to start building baby’s first library. Surrounded by colorful books, this voucher invites parents to immerse themselves in the world of reading by selecting stories that will stimulate their child’s imagination and learning. Each book is a doorway to new adventures, filling the first years of life with joy and wonder and fostering a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

10 – 100 €

25. Interactive Digital Photo Album

An interactive digital photo album is a modern and affordable way to preserve precious memories of pregnancy and baby’s early years. With a user-friendly interface on a tablet or screen, the mom-to-be can easily upload photos and videos, creating a visual diary of her journey to motherhood. This photo book allows you to relive magical moments and share them with loved ones, combining technology with the warmth of family memories.

30 – 100 €

26. Prenatal Spa Experience

A prenatal spa experience is a gift of pure relaxation and wellness for moms-to-be. In a calm and serene environment, with elements such as candles and soft towels, they can enjoy treatments specially adapted for their safety and comfort during pregnancy. This self-care time is not only beneficial for physical health, but also provides a much-needed break for emotional well-being, allowing pregnant women to unwind and focus on themselves and their baby.

50 – 150 €

27. Mothers' Book Club

Joining a mom’s book club offers a unique space for connection and support. In a welcoming environment, women can share and discuss books that address motherhood and parenting issues, creating a community of learning and empathy. This group provides an opportunity for mothers to meet, exchange experiences and advice, and enjoy moments of relaxation and personal growth. It is a haven of understanding and companionship in the journey of being a mother.

10 – 40 € per month

28. Massage Chair

A massage chair is an ideal gift to provide relief and relaxation to expectant mothers. Placed in a cozy corner of the house, this modern and comfortable chair is the perfect place to rest and release the tensions of pregnancy. Its design invites you to enjoy moments of tranquility and well-being, becoming a personal oasis to take care of your physical and mental health during this special time.

100 – 500+ €

29. Comfortable Underwear

A collection of comfortable and adaptable underwear for pregnant women is essential to ensure comfort and support during pregnancy. These garments, designed to adapt to changes in the body, offer the softness and flexibility needed to feel comfortable and relaxed. The illustration reflects the tranquility and comfort that these intimate pieces provide, making them a basic element in the closet of every mother-to-be.

10 – 50 € per set

30. Baby Keepsake Box

A baby keepsake box is a treasure trove of unforgettable moments. Inside, parents can keep the baby’s first clothes, photos and toys, preserving the sweetest moments of his first days. This box, decorated with loving motifs, symbolizes the love and care with which these memories are collected and treasured, becoming a time capsule that encapsulates the love and excitement of the beginnings of a new life.

20 – 60 €

31. 100% cocoa chocolate bar

A baby keepsake box is a treasure trove of unforgettable moments. Inside, parents can keep the baby’s first clothes, photos and toys, preserving the sweetest moments of his first days. This box, decorated with loving motifs, symbolizes the love and care with which these memories are collected and treasured, becoming a time capsule that encapsulates the love and excitement of the beginnings of a new life.

20 – 60 €

32. Book with a feminist approach to pregnancy and motherhood.

“Disobedient Mom” by Esther Vivas is a revolutionary book that offers a new perspective on motherhood. Breaking with traditional stereotypes, this book addresses pregnancy and parenting issues from a feminist and contemporary approach. It is essential reading for those who seek to understand motherhood in all its complexity and beauty, inviting reflection and questioning of established norms. It is the perfect companion for moments of tranquility and self-exploration.

15 – 25 €

33. Eames Rocking Style Nursing Rocker

The Eames Rocking style nursing rocking chair combines comfort and modern design. It is perfect for baby feeding times and for relaxing. With its elegant style, this rocking chair is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to home decor. Equipped with a soft blanket and cushions, it provides a cozy and comfortable corner for mothers and babies.

60 – 500+ €

34. Multifunctional breastfeeding cushion

This multifunctional nursing pillow is ideal for support and comfort both during pregnancy and after delivery. Ergonomically designed, it helps the pregnant woman to rest comfortably or to breastfeed her baby. Its versatility and comfort make it an essential item for maternity, facilitating various everyday situations with its practical and soft design.

20 – 60 €

35. Short and comfortable pajamas for breastfeeding

This short and comfortable pajama set is designed especially for breastfeeding, offering practicality and ease of use during the nights. Lightweight and easy to open, it is ideal for new mothers, providing comfort without compromising style. Its breastfeeding-friendly design makes nights easier and more relaxed, ensuring that both mother and baby enjoy quiet and comfortable moments.

20 – 50 €

36. Basic and comfortable maternity shirts

Comfortable, basic maternity shirts are an essential choice for the final stages of pregnancy. Long, loose-fitting and in neutral colors, these shirts offer the necessary comfort without sacrificing style. Their simple and versatile design makes them ideal for daily use, adapting perfectly to changes in the body and providing a feeling of well-being throughout the day.

10 – 30 €

37. Breastfeeding shirts with easy opening

Easy-open nursing shirts are ideal for mothers looking for comfort and practicality. Designed with a discreet and convenient opening system, these shirts make it easy to feed your baby anytime, anywhere. Its design focuses on functionality without compromising style, adapting to a mother’s daily life and offering ease of use and comfort during breastfeeding.

15 – 40 €

38. Comfortable and adjustable pregnancy pants

Comfortable, adjustable pants are an ideal choice for women in the last trimester of pregnancy. With an adaptable waistband, these pants ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Their practical and relaxed design makes them an essential garment for everyday wear, offering expectant mothers the comfort and flexibility they need during this special time.

20 – 60 €

39. Fetal monitor to listen to the baby's heartbeat and movements

A fetal monitor is a wonderful device that allows expectant mothers to connect with their baby by listening to their heartbeat and movements. This moment of emotional connection is unique, offering a window into the baby’s world before birth. The illustration captures the intimacy and wonder of hearing the baby’s heart, highlighting how the monitor brings mothers closer to their unborn child and strengthens the maternal bond even before birth.

30 – 100 €

40. Pilates ball to relieve back pains

A pilates ball is a very useful gift for pregnant women, especially for relieving back pain. Its use in stretching or relaxation routines, in an exercise or yoga space, offers an effective method to reduce the common discomforts of pregnancy. In addition, the ball promotes a gentle and safe way to stay active, helping expectant mothers take care of their physical and mental well-being during this special time.

10 – 30 €

41. Bullet Journal Blush Medium Notebook

A medium size “Bullet Journal Blush” notebook is perfect for documenting thoughts and emotions during pregnancy. This notebook serves as a therapeutic and organizational tool, allowing expectant mothers to express and organize their experiences and reflections. In an inspiring writing environment, the journal becomes an intimate and creative space, capturing the unique journey to motherhood.

10 – 25 €

42. Mini11 Blue Instant Camera

The Mini11 Blue instant camera is perfect for capturing the special moments of pregnancy. With its ability to take instant photos, this camera adds fun and charm to the documentation of this unique stage. The illustration captures a pregnant woman taking a picture of her belly, reflecting the joy and excitement of expecting a baby. This device is ideal for creating lasting memories and sharing the magic of pregnancy through snapshots.

10 – 25 €