The three stereotypes about newborn reports at home

1. If my house is not bright, you cannot take beautiful photos and videos.

It’s false! The truth is that you only need one window to create absolutely different images.

Additionally, in my sessions I use a light bulb that allows me to create very beautiful effects in your photos.

Reportajes De Recien Nacidos En Casa

My house is not like the ones in the magazines…

…that’s why I can’t do a photo shoot

Your house is perfect for the photo and video session!

When I plan sessions I always ask my client to send me a video of their home, so I can choose the best corner to record your memories.

Remember! Your house is the setting for your story, for your memories.

So… what better place to immortalize your happiness than your home!

Reportaje Newborn En Casa

A session at home is not as special as in a studio, it is very everyday.

And who said that everyday life is not beautiful?

Furthermore, during a photo session at home you can relax and enjoy the moments of being together without the pressure of posing, looking perfect or wearing an uncomfortable wardrobe.

In your home, I will create a beautiful memory that will tell your children a story about what their childhood was like.

Reportajes Newborn En Casa